“There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” (W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hollywood Darling pt. viii Starlet

Sammy returns to LA amid much fanfare, it seems that news has traveled fast from Montana. Her name is on everybody’s lips. Besides Dairy Queen Princess being touted as capturing contemporary, rural, southern, white America, Sammy is being praised for her work in the film. She implores her agent to find her some more roles, trying to ride this wave. Waiting for her next big role, she does a few more commercials but she is tiring of those. She feels like she is ready to be a movie star, her sole reason for coming out here. Her agent tries to get her some movie work, but the only roles being offered to Sammy are those that cast her as a displaced, southern, wanna-be valley girl. Desperate for a break, she relents and takes a couple of the parts, which only leads others in the business to believe this is the only role she can play. Frustrated, she tries to reach out to Ryan. He seems to be working all the time and she can not get him directly. She has to go through an assistant, who she thinks is keeping her from him.
Ryan, in comparison is doing extremely well. He has become Hollywood’s “it” director, the guy everyone wants to work with. Inspired by his success with Dairy Queen Princess, he quickly scratches out another screenplay, this one based on his short story collection about his experiences in New York. As promised, another low budget flick produced with Blue Rooster, which has grown in size since Montana. While the new film does not win any awards, it does very well on the indie circuit across the country.
Feeling confident, Ryan decides to go see Bobby De Cristo. He is determined to get Bobby to let him finish the Civil War movie he and JC worked on. He meets Bobby in his office at his father’s old house. Hey Cooper, Mr. Hollywood these days, how are you? Bobby asks when Ryan pulls up to the house. I’m good, he answers. That’s what I hear, says Bobby. Saw your films, great work man, I loved ‘em. Thanks Bobby, I’m glad to hear that. He places his arm around Ryan’s shoulder, leading him into the house. What can I do for you? Bobby wants to know. Well, I’m hoping you’ll give me a shot at directing the movie that JC started. You mean the Banshee movie? Hmmph, he says as he leans back on his sofa. After a moment of silence, he sits forward again and says, Why not? It’s yours, if you want it, but it seems to be a cursed thing to me, you sure about this? Yeah, I am, Ryan assures him. The men make an informal agreement to be finished up later, Ryan’s main stipulation being that he wants Blue Rooster to be involved in production.
Ryan can’t wait to get started on the project. He tells his assistant to try to get in touch with Sammy. He wants her to play one of the banshees. The others at Blue Rooster, his personal assistant included are not as confident in Sammy’s abilities as Ryan. They waste little effort in trying to reach Sammy, all the while suggesting many an up and coming actress to play the banshees. Many of the roles are being stocked by De Cristo’s studios casting agents, but Ryan digs his heels in when it comes to filling the last banshee spot, he wants Sammy.  Frustrated with the efforts of those around him, he decides to find Sammy himself.
He tries calling her several times before finally going to her apartment. He knocks on her door a few times to no avail. Just as he turns to leave someone emerges from the apartment across the hall. At first glance, Ryan thinks its Sammy, but realizes it’s just another struggling actress trying to make her way in Hollywood. Hey. You’re looking for Sammy? She asks Ryan. Yeah, do you know her? He asks the girl. Yeah, kind of, we’ve partied together, she answers. Have you seen her recently? He wants to know. No, not for a week or so, she told me she was heading home. Okay, thanks, he says, turning to go. Sure, she calls out to his back. You know I do a little acting, if you’re looking. I’ll keep it in mind uhhh…Stacey, she tells him. Stacey. Right, okay then, bye, Stacey. Bye she says, beaming.

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