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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A rousing success...

Woodland Pattern Bookstore ( www.woodlanpattern.org ) in Milwaukee just held it's 19th annual Poetry Marathon. This is an awesone event where poets, storytellers and sometimes musicians get 5 min. to show their wares. 10 presenters fill each hour from 10 am 'til 1 am the following morn. Each presenter is asked to get $35 in pledges and the money collected goes towards all of the great things that WP does in the community to support the arts.

Aside from all of that wonderfullness... Susan Firer http://www.susanfirer.com/ a former Milwaukee Poet Laureate and current prof. at UW-Milwaukee has asked for one of my pieces. She wishes to publish it in the Shepherd Express online poetry column www.expressmilwaukee.com which she edits, It is a tremendous honor to have someone of Susan's renown ask to publish one of my poems. I will let all know when it comes out.

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